To Estok and all the crew,

Susan and I want you to know how much we appreciate the fantastic job you did on our barn. Your attention to detail, quality craftsmanship and overall care for the project resulted in a beautiful and functional building that exceeded our expectations!

Cheers to you all,
Ray & Susan Triplett

Estok Menton was selected out of 6 contractors to build our dream home. Our first impression was that he was honest, efficient and could provide a quality product. Needless to say, he didn’t let us down. On numerous occasions, he showed us where we would save contract costs and where our ideas were not necessarily the best. Although he could have made more money in the long run, his intent was to provide a home that we would be proud of and to keep us within our budget. In addition, the finished product was exceptional. Our home is comfortable, extremely well built and can compare to any showpiece anywhere.

I would highly recommend Estok for any proposed building project.

Mac & Loretta Baker

Dear Estok,
We just passed the second anniversary of the move into our new home. In recognizing that date, Jeaneen and I remembered many of the details of the construction and how important it was that I was on site full-time during a fluid project. We stopped the architect short of complete detailed plans because of our uncertainties about what we wanted and because of the need to start construction. We look back on that situation often and realize how extremely important your own sense of design and esthetics were in guiding us to maintain the theme and feel that we wanted in our home. It always felt that you had a very personal interest in building our home, not just another structure.

Throughout the development, workmen changed but each reflected your careful selection, training, and work ethic and always came together as a team; the sound direction of the project foreman was also a big factor in their skillful teamwork. As we think back on the many additions and modifications that we imposed, we remember how gently you guided us through our problems and concerns and how well you worked with the architect in making our dreams become reality.

We still marvel at the knowledge, skill, caring and attention to detail that the house reflects. Often when we take the time to relax with a glass of wine, we remember how fortunate it was that we found you and that you had the patience to wait until we found the right time to say, “Go.”

Dave & Jeaneen Garno

To Whom It Concerns:
This is a letter of recommendation for both Estok Menton and the entire Menton Builders team who built our home in Potter Valley.

Our project was anything but a “typical” house. We used partial rammed earth and partial conventional construction. The floor plan contains many angles and a slight elevation change with few interior walls.

Throughout the building process, as ideas evolved, Estok demonstrated continual adaptability to new directions and design. He was able to solve potential problems on site to maintain a continual flow.

I would highly recommend Menton Builders for any construction project. Our home demonstrates not only high build quality and strength, but a fine eye for detail.

Neil Grasso

I had a house with major problems! Not enough ventilation caused wood rot that was not visible from the inside or the outside. Well, there was a little tell-tale stain at the apex of the ceiling of our dome… We knew something was going on in there. But it is hard to find someone who knows how to work on a dome.

Menton Builders was awesome. The work was quite extensive to do the structural repairs. They also added dormers, a cupola and additional windows to increase ventilation. Every person on the crew and staff was professional, an expert in their area, open to our needs and had LOTS of great ideas. My house is in much better shape now than when it was new: stronger, more solid, more ventilation, more graceful and beautiful.

The job would have been too complex for most builders. Menton Builders rock!!

Dori Kramer

Working with Menton Builders in repairing my log house was an exceptionally rewarding experience and the result was both practical and beautiful. Estok is very knowledgeable, creative, precise, and honest – qualities you want in a contractor. His bid was fair and, thanks to his ideas and advice, we came in under budget. Most importantly, he hires highly skilled people and supervises the work carefully so it’s done right.

I’d use Menton Builders for any project.

Dianne Jenett

Menton Builders is the best of the best! Thoughtful, skilled, talented, creative, caring, and deeply knowledgeable… it’s hard to imagine a better experience. They are not only efficient and effective builders and great project managers, they are also artists and craftsmen who care deeply about sustainable practice and our community. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this project a dream come true.

Natasha Hoehn

The work Menton Builders, Inc. completed for our family was quite a welcomed relief from the horror stories we have heard about remodeling jobs where many delays, higher costs and poor workmanship fell much below others expectations.  This certainly was not the case with the efficient and friendly staff at Menton Builders, Inc.

From the very start of our dealings with Menton Builders, the difference was obvious.  My husband tried to get quotes from three contractors.  Estok Menton was the only one to respond.  The others never even had the courtesy to reply to our contact attempts.  Estok Menton promptly came out to review our job.  He suggested work different from what we had envisioned.  But, the difference was much more suitable for our long-term needs.

Work progressed surprisingly swiftly.  As the job progressed, Estok quickly responded to every one of our concerns or changes to the original contract.  Whenever work was not running according to schedule, a follow-up by Menton Builders put the job back on track.  Menton Builders crew and subcontractors were very punctual.  If any were running behind schedule, Menton Builders’ Office Manager, Aimee Schmetzer, would call to let us know what the delay was and when we could expect their arrival.  Consistently, Miss Schmetzer swiftly returned our calls or e-mails.  All of the individuals we dealt with were pleasant, professional and very qualified.  We were very impressed with their high work ethics!

We are very delighted with the finished job!  And, our project came in under budget!   We are including photographs of the high quality addition to our home.


Patricia Wilson and Wendell Wilson

On January 28th, 2017 our home in Ukiah was devastated by fire and in the aftermath, as we searched for how to move forward, we contracted Menton Builders to rebuild the residence.  That decision turned out to be the biggest factor in getting our house rebuilt and the reason was able to remain in this wonderful community.

The Menton Builders team of skilled and caring professionals handled every aspect of the project from pushing for a fair insurance settlement to working through building permit regulations and, finally, to designing and building a beautiful home.  The new house is efficient, incorporates features from our previous home and has a presence that matches the personality of our family. They were even able to reuse some of the materials that did survive the fire and used the almost 100-year-old lumber to create breathtaking wainscoting throughout the house.  We love the house they created!

Estok Menton is wonderful and it is immediately clear he has a wealth of knowledge that only comes from practicing a trade at the highest level for a long time, but I should point out that the house was not built by one person.  It was built by the hard work of a whole team of people that Estok has assembled and the community connections established through many years of fair and competent practices.  I owe the whole crew a debt of gratitude, but specifically, Aimee Schmetzer who was key in helping me through the maze of decisions and Laban Menton for always making time for us as he ran onsite construction, including the walk through aspects of the project with my 95-year-old grandfather.

Funding an insurance rebuild is a difficult proposition.   It requires precise budgeting and recordkeeping to continually prove the merit of the project and stretch available funds.  I never had any doubt of the veracity of the billing process and was incredibly pleased with the open and clear financial communication.  At the end of the day, a project that was estimated before tragic wildfires created increased demand for materials and subcontractors time, came in under budget!

I recommend Menton Builders to anyone looking to bring their project to realization. I feel like we are now a part of the Menton Builders family and I will use them for any construction project in the future.  You should do the same.

Andy Vedder and the Vedder family


Menton Builders did a skillful job of transforming the former Christian Science Church into the new home of the Community Foundation of Mendocino County.  The church, constructed in 1929, had been purchased by the Foundation in July 2012 and immediate repairs had been done to the two front offices and the restroom in the back.  However, the main room still needed work to improve the acoustics as well as represent the new home of the growing Foundation.  Working from the plan by designer Jason Brenner, Menton Builders brought in their expertise with historical renovations.  The barrel ceiling was taken down, removing tons of lath and plaster, the roof structure reinforced and a new ceiling created.  The side walls were also relieved of their lath and plaster, and well insulated without damage to the historic stained glass windows.  The altar disappeared but the owners chose to retain the original arch and the decorative columns in front of the new wall.  A large storeroom was created behind.  The Facilities Committee of the Foundation enjoyed working with Menton Builders.  Board member-professional interior designer, Gayle Greene, coordinated the colors and the materials.  In addition to their sensitivity and expertise, Menton Builders listened and made it a pleasure to discuss the work and possible alternative solutions.  Every project evolves, and ours turned out beautifully.

Megan Barber Allende
The Community Foundation of Mendocino County