Building Green, Building Better, for Over 40 Years

Menton Builders, Inc. brings over forty years of design/build experience to each project, whether an addition, remodel, renovation, or new construction. We have undertaken a broad range of projects from rammed earth and log homes, barns, historical renovations, and modest, but successful, residential upgrades. Through the design/build process, we offer a streamlined progression from concept, plans, and permitting, to full-service construction and management.

Menton Builders, Inc. also brings a comprehensive and holistic approach to all projects, which includes the following:

  • Sustainable and performance-based design
  • Working cooperatively and creatively with clients through the process from concept to completion
  • Reduction of the site and environmental impacts
  • Enhanced indoor environments via natural ventilation, lighting, and low-emission finishes
  • Thoughtful attention to function and detail
  • Inventive and appropriate use of materials, with emphasis on natural and durable materials and recycling
  • High-efficiency plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems
  • Reduction of utility and fossil fuel demands
  • Form follows function, i.e. roof plans that work for you
  • Exceeding the original project expectations

We consider the application of these principles central to serving the best interests of our clients.

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